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My journey to understanding the Higgs Field. Also, why Kids don't like textbooks.

It’s embarrassing for someone like me who pretends to be way smarter than he is, when understanding of a concept doesn’t come right away.

Particle physics is difficult because there’s really no good way to conceptualize it. Every attempt at explaining some of the more complicated things like the higgs boson is rife with analogy and ill-conceived comparisons that don’t get the point across effectively.

That’s why I was so surprised with these TED Ed videos on the subject. Totally blew me away. If you don’t know much about physics, then this is the place to get your toes wet.

I wrote the other day that science education could use some work, but I didn’t say anything about how that could be accomplished. You know, because I'm just a college student. I think that one of the biggest roadblocks in effective science teaching is boredom. I mean come on, how exciting is it to read that biology textbook you still have from your undergraduate intro courses?

I love things like TED Ed and Khan Academy because they’re very visual resources, and often times they’re made to be fun. Nobody can stand to read a brick full of text and figures that cost $300, but everybody can get down on a bit of video consumption, amirite?

If I were a high school teacher I would absolutely incorporate online video resources like these both into my classroom time, and into homework time. Kids need to be excited about learning, and textbooks do not incite that sort of excitement, but YouTube videos certainly might.

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