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Science Education could be better....a lot better.

HAHAHA...What? But seriously though, this is REAL. As in, the people who made this think they've beaten the stupid "evolutionists" (Is that what the kids call it now?) at their own game! Holy cognitively dissonant fear of science batman!

I am constantly surprised by the fear that arises when new scientific discoveries are made. I’m even more frequently surprised by the fear that arises from OLD and DISCREDITED scientific "discoveries" (I’m lookin’ at you, anti-vaccine movement and climate change deniers).

I really shouldn’t be surprised though. All those after-school specials I watched as a kid and this Macklemore song keep telling me that “people fear what they don’t know”.

Just kidding, after school specials weren't a thing when I was a kid. What am I, 30?

Point being: in general people really don’t know science, so it’s not surprising things like vaccines and the Large Hadron Collider get a lot of flack from and produce a lot of fear in the less informed among us.

So obviously if we take that old adage to be true, then maybe to free our society from the shackles of poor understanding and ignorance of the world around us...we should just provide our children with basic science education. Hell, we should provide our adults with better science education. I know a few people who could use it, frankly.

I’m really tired of getting on facebook and seeing yet another crazy video of, say, Kirk Cameron ranting about Abortion and Gay Marriage. I'm also sick of shit like this entire interview with Wendy Wright.

(BTW It's almost creepy how soft spoken and charismatic Kirk is in that interview, despite the absolute clap trap coming out of his mouth.)

That’s why I’m really glad that President Obama is placing such a high emphasis on projects like mapping the human brain, and on promoting science education, and just generally advocating for science and technology. I want space-race era USA back, even though I never lived there.

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